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Are CBD wellness products worth the hype?


  • CBD Wellness: What is CBD and how does it work?

Let us initiate CBD wellness. CBD wellness products can be in the form of tablets, Oils, gummies, and powders which can be added to food or dietary supplements. CBD (cannabidiol) product is a natural outcome which comes from Cannabis Sativa Plant; now there are two Cannabis plants which are hemp and marijuana. CBD helps with anxiety, pain relief, and many other health-related issues. CBD  FDA has approved the product to manufacture and sell only for medical purposes. The level of THC in CBD products should be within a limit or the excess THC (drug usage) can get you high. CBD wellness products can be consumed daily and are safe to use. The products should be consumed under doctors’ guidance.

CBD was there for centuries, but lately, we have come across its benefits and started using it.  

What is CBD used for? 

If you are suffering from any chronic disease or anxiety or stress then CBD products are best for you. The medicinal drug ingredients in it, reduce the pain and give you relief. It also works on your psychological behaviour, by initiating a good mood. Promoting good sleep works on insomnia. CBD can be consumed or applied to the body. 

You won’t believe it, but coffee shops serve CBD lattes, and there are cosmetic products with CBD, and Spa are providing CBD facials. The awareness of CBD has gone so far and people are responding very well.   

  • Hemp CBD vs. THC: Understanding the difference

Both Hemp CBD and THC are derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant in which among the various components, these are the two of them. The major difference between Hemp CBD and THC lies in the psychoactive nature present in THC with a concentration of more than 0.3% whereas in CBD this concentration of THC level is less than 0.3% making it produce less sensation than THC.

When THC gets in contact with Cannabinoid 1 also known as the CB1 receptor of the brain it ignites a sense of euphoria and results in a person getting high. But when CBD is made to interact directly with CB1 it is incapable of generating that sense of high in a person. However, when CBD is made to combine with the already blended THC and CB1, then it results in lowering the sensation of a person getting high. Thus, the psychoactive effects on humans are different despite the same chemical structure. 

With the help of the following table, you can easily make out the difference between CBD and THC.

Conditions CBD THC
Is legal No (Check below) Yes (Check Below)
Produces a high No  Yes 
Has side effects Some Psychoactive 
Controls depression Yes No
Manages seizures Yes  No 
Improves appetite No Yes

Legality of CBD: According to FDA, some states do not consider the use of CBD as legal because of their ordinance while in some places when CBD is derived from Hemp plants consisting of below 0.3% THC level then those products are legal to use. Similarly, when CBD has a high level of TCH level i.e more than 0.3% then it is considered to be illegal. However, make sure you are familiar with the state laws as during travelling it is better to take precautions. 

Note: Products will be approved only when it is based on prescription.  

  • CBD Products: Types of CBD products and how to choose the right one.

With Uttarakhand Hemp, we are aware of the magical benefits that CBD Wellness has to offer you. That is one of the reasons why we are here to deliver Hemp wellness products to each corner of the country to make it accessible for each one of you so that no person is left out from its amazing remedy. 

Our range of CBD products in India is exponentially growing with the increase in the number of demands from the benefits that they are receiving from it. With the hike in community, we tend to elevate the standard of healthy living among our countrymen. So to make it happen, we have a range of CBD Products such as Youth Elixir, All in one Elixir, Vijaya Amrit, Brain Eraser, Pain Aid Oral, Migraine Aid, Athletic Care, Muscle Aid Oil, CBD oil, and Vijaya Ambrosia Oil, etc. 

 But then the next question may arise: how to choose the right CBD Product? Well, first let’s know the basics. There are basically 3 types of CBD Wellness products that you must be aware of.

 How to Choose CBD Product:

  1. 1. Full-spectrum CBD Consists of all CBD (cannabinoids) of the cannabis plant, including both CBD and THC which has less than 0.3% THC level. It is mainly beneficial for people who want the entourage effect. 
  2. 2. Broad-spectrum CBD- Generally, with the absence of THC, it contains a mix of cannabinoids. It is suitable for those who require the advantages of full plant subtracting THC.
  3. CBD isolate- It is a pure CBD isolate as it does not consist of any other cannabinoids or THC. For people who want only CBD content in it, it is majorly targeted at them. 

Now that you know what type you want among these three, choose a CBD product that fits your potential. For people who are first-time users, you should start the dose from 2-5mg and then you can scale up to 10mg or elevate more. 

Finally, from a variety of choices available with us, you can choose oils or lotions and creams as per your requirement. 

Now let’s take an example, you are looking for something to manage your stress. All you have to do is go to the website www.uttarakahndhemp.com .  At Uttarakhand hemp, we provide only full-spectrum CBD Products, so you will find Ultra Premium Full Spectrum Cannabis Extract Oil for stress management. The specification will be as follows:

  • Price: 2,799
  • CBD type: Full-spectrum
  • CBD potency: 4-6 mg 
  • COA: Available Online 

It contains Full Spectrum “Vijaya” Cannabis sativa Leaf Extract Oil of about  5%, Carrier Oil-MCT oil and has a pack size of 10 ml. It aims to give stress relief along with stimulating appetite, reducing anxiety and depression plus relaxing muscles. 

We promise to render the highest quality CBD wellness products for giving you the best results. 

  • CBD Dosage: How to determine the right dosage for you.

For anyone to kickstart the usage of CBD it is better, to begin with, a small dosage and then increase the amount of it. If you are a beginner, initiate with a 2-5 mg dose once or twice a day. In case you are thinking of increasing it then you can add 5-10 mg over a week or so. Make sure you read the product label for instructions as it directs you to how to use it. 

For instance, in the case of Ultra Premium Full Spectrum Cannabis Extract Oil, the label directs to Consume 4-60 mg per day after food or as directed by the physician. Hold it for 30-90 seconds on your tongue for effective results. However, the time taken to show results may differ from person to person. 

  • Health Benefits of CBD: Pain relief, anxiety, sleep, and more.

There are various CBD benefits you get from CBD products. The medicinal benefits are as follows – 

  • Treats Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a brain disease where the person becomes unconscious of his actions and behaviour. CBD is said to be the best medicine to work on epilepsy. FDA has approved CBD as a medicine for certain types of epilepsy. The CBD here works as a therapy for people living with epilepsy. In Uttarakhand hemp, we have Full-Spectrum Cannabis Extract Oil that helps to treat epilepsy and many other associated problems with this. 

2.             CBD for Mental Health 

CBD works on anxiety & depression. CBD is widely popular for these reasons. The medicinal drug present in CBD relieves stress and anxiety. The use of CBD oil or gummies can show immediate results. As it is an FDA approved prescribed product, it is all safe to use. But the consumption of it should be limited, the excessive dosage of it can lead you to danger. It calms anxiety and depression as it works for panic attacks too. 

3.             Best for Diabetes Patients 

Daily doses of CBD can ease the complications of diabetes patients. Its properties in it reduce the high glucose level in the cells. The experiments taken suggest that CBD can be the best natural treatment for diabetes patients by helping the body to increase insulin-related hormone levels. 

4.             CBD for Pain Relief

Joint- pain or any other muscle injury can be reduced by using CBD products. Nerve pain and back pain can be cured by using CBD products. All the essential minerals and vitamins used in CBD make it the best choice to reduce pain. So if you have any joint pain or muscle injury you can simply apply CBD oil called Muscle aid plus oil. It reduces pain, swelling and treats arthritis problems.

5.             Enhances Heart- Health

If you have gone through any surgery of the heart or any heart issues so far can be controlled by consuming CBD wellness products. The heart is a sensitive topic and therefore the opinion of your doctor matters. If you are facing an issue of irregular heartbeats, breathing problems, or chest pain, then CBD products help you get on track.

6.              CBD for Cancer Treatment

Any cancer-related symptoms can be reduced or the post-cancer side effects are also cured using CBD products. The study has shown the results of these products working on the effects like nausea, vomiting, and pain.   

7.             CBD wellness gummies

The gummies produced in CBD products have made life easier. They are chewable and can take anywhere anytime. As handy as they are, we should always limit their consumption of them. If you are having a panic attack, these gummies can save you in a couple of minutes. Where CBD gummies contain a small amount of THC, hemp gummies contain none. FDA has not approved the therapeutic use of CBD gummies but the results have shown the positive side of it. Therefore, the use of it has increased and the manufacturing too.  

  • Hemp CBD wellness

Hemp gummies are free of THC & CBD. They are extracted from hemp seed oil.
  Cold-press mechanical extraction is used. They may contain essential fatty acids, vitamins, and trace minerals from the hemp plant. They are the safest option than CBD gummies. Everyone can consume Hemp gummies as they are pure and organic
  The lack of THC in it helps people who go through regular urine and blood tests.
  Supplementary nutrients may be present in them.

  • Why Us?

The best CBD wellness centre online you’ll visit is Uttarakhand Hemp. The website will give you all the information about CBD products and other wellness products. Read the product description and if still in doubt consult a doctor. CBD is a natural ingredient that comes from the Cannabis sativa plant. It is a safe product to use and consume. As we are also providing hemp wellness products, you can use that too. Uttarakhand hemp focuses on hemp products, we are more into organic products. That’s why trusting us won’t go wrong at all. All organic and hemp products are safe to use and cost-effective. A wide range of products with great quality will be delivered to you. 

We deliver our products all over India. We assure you of the best service with effective results.  


  1. Is CBD good or bad for health?

CBD has its pros and cons. It can be safe and effective as well as have some side effects too, depending on the usage of the person. 

  1. Is CBD oil legal in India?

From the Ministry of Health welfare, CBD oil is legal in India when technically it is extracted from leaves.

  1. What are the amazing benefits of CBD?

It can be used as CBD for pain relief, sleep, skincare, anxiety and depression, mental health, epilepsy, heart health and much more.

  1. Will CBD help anxiety and depression?

Yes, it is effective in the treatment of anxiety and depression. 

  1. What are the best CBD products?

Uttarakhand Hemp has the best CBD products such as migraine aid, athletic care, muscle aid, pain aid, etc.

  1. What are the side effects of using CBD?

The possible side effects of CBD could be dry mouth, loss of appetite, fatigue, drowsiness and diarrhea. 

  1. Can I use CBD while pregnant or breastfeeding?

No! Experts strongly recommend that pregnant or breastfeeding women should prohibit  the use of CBD products.