Muscle aid plus oil 15ml 1200mg


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Muscle Aid is an Ayurvedic formulation that contains therapeutic attributes of a powerful herb known as Medical Cannabis (leaf extract). The medicine reduces inflammation, muscular, arthritic, and neuropathic pain, involuntary spasms, swelling, muscle soreness and relaxes the muscles by its anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antioxidant activity. 

Product Benefits: HELPS FOR

Anti-inflammatory effects

Anti-arthritic role

Reduces all kinds of pain

Reduces muscle soreness

Prevents involuntary spasms


Mechanism of action of Active Ingredient: 

Vijaya (Medical Cannabis, Cannabis Sativa Linn.): Medical Cannabis (vijaya) is known to interact with two receptors,viz. CB1 and CB2, that reduce pain and also the effects of inflammation (1-2). 

In a novel study, synovial tissue which was obtained from Rheumatoid Arthritis patients was shown to undergo attenuation and also inhibition of cytokine production in response to a cannabinoid binding to a cannabinoid receptor (3). 

Medical Cannabis is known to have strong anti-inflammatory effects, and since inflammation is the root cause of muscular pain and swelling, it becomes a prime solution (4)


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