Hemp farming in india

Is Hemp Farming In India getting popular? 

Hemp Farming In India  

Industrial hemp farming

Industrial hemp farming is nothing but producing hemp products for industries and consumers. Hemp comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant. Hemp cultivation has again come into the picture and spreading worldwide. Hemp farming is not replacing traditional farming, but it is a good option used as a rotation crop. Hemp farming saves the soil from erosion and infertility. As hemp farming is legal in some countries and used for medical purposes the cultivation of it couldn’t stop and that’s why the farmers are benefitting from this.

Growing hemp cosmetic products for industries and consumers is a great way of promoting organic hemp. People do not have only started using hemp products in the food industry but in the cosmetics and makeup industry too. 

Hemp farming legal in India

The Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances Act, of 1985 has only allowed hemp farming for horticulture and industrial purposes. The THC levels in hemp decide whether the product is harmful or not. THC has a drug element that comes from the Cannabis plant. Therefore, the usage of hemp is majorly done in medicinal oils, tablets, powders, or gummies. There are also cosmetic or skincare products like soaps, shampoo bars, face creams, scrubs, etc. Spices we use in the kitchen like chili, haldi, herb salt, or nettle leaves. 

Uttarakhand is the only state where hemp farming is legal in India. It is the first and only state to have permission for cultivating hemp farming for commercial and industrial purposes. Uttarakhand’s climate is favorable for the cultivation of hemp. That’s why the government has allowed the 13 districts to grow hemp. 

Laws for growing hemp in India

Hemp was banned in India before 1985, to use or to consume. Hemp & CBD are the products that come under (the Marijuana family) Cannabis Sativa Plant. 0.3% Hemp should be used in products to maintain the drug level in the product. Even if it is a medicinal plant it has the drug elements in it. Because of this, the government has made restrictions on its usage of it. 

The production of this only takes place in Uttarakhand, India. Only for commercial and industrial uses. As it is legal in India t a certain point. People are slowly starting to get aware of hemp products and their properties. The need for organic products has made hemp products get a large demand in the market. 

How are hemp products made?

There are hemp seeds and hemp flowers which are extracted from the Cannabis Sativa Plant. The seeds are cold-pressed to get the hemp seed oil. Then there are protein powders or gummies. Hemp contains fatty acids like omega-3, omega-6,, and omega-9. 

To get the best results from a particular hemp crop, hemp processing entails clipping the buds off the stalks, drying the retted fibre, and curing the plant. The seeds and stalks of hemp plants are also preserved throughout processing so they can be used in a variety of ways. 

Hemp farming in Uttarakhand 

Uttarakhand is the first and only state that has a permit for hemp cultivation. On the other hand, Uttarakhand Hemp is one such company that promotes hemp farming and also into producing Hemp and CBD products. These products are grown in the pristine air of the Himalayas. The natural environment is very rare to people like us who live in a city surrounded by polluted air. Plus, if the raw materials are grown in the natural environment they are more beneficial for your body being vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids in the product. 

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