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Hemp products India

Hemp products in India have become popular over the past 10 years. The question of whether it is legal or illegal is raised even today. Hemp products in India show a positive result on the human body and that’s why their use of them is also beneficial. The use of hemp products is limited to some extent and medical or cosmetic companies must maintain the percentage of hemp in hemp products.  

So what can come under the category of hemp products?; the answer is hemp products come in cosmetic products, food products that can be edible like tablets, chewable liquid, protein bars, chocolates, powder, or for external use like cream, or oil.  

The legality of hemp products in India

People often get into the dilemma of are hemp products legal in India. Well, you don’t have to worry about the legality of hemp products in India because here also permission is allowed to one state wherein all hemp cultivation is done. But before we go in-depth about the hemp products in India, it’s better to blur out the confusion between hemp and marijuana. 

So you must be thinking that hemp and marijuana are alike only. But wait! That is not the case. To decide whether it is hemp or marijuana there is a parameter called THC level also known as tetrahydrocannabinol. The amount of THC level decides whether the substance is hemp or marijuana. However, both originate from the same plant species called cannabis sativa, the difference lies in their THC level. As THC is proactive in nature it makes a person go high when a high level of THC is present which is popularly known as marijuana. Normally, when the THC level is less than 0.3% it is considered as hemp and when this level is crossed i.e more than 0.3% it becomes a drug under the restricted category which is weed.

The production and consumption of hemp are legal in India. Hemp is extracted from the Cannabis plant and it has less than 0.3% THC whereas on other hand Marijuana contains THC of more than 0.3%. So, the usage of hemp products is commercially legal in India and people have nothing to worry about the use of it if it is prescribed by a doctor. The amount of THC in the product decides the level of getting high. 

Now let’s know where hemp is legal in India. Well, Uttarakhand is the only state in India, where the cultivation of hemp is legal. The state became legalized in 2018 and till then it is the largest hemp-producing state in the Country. Uttarakhand is also the first Indian state where hemp farming is legal. Now if you see, all the hemp-producing companies are from Uttarakhand.  

Talking about the law governing this category, it falls under the FSSAI body that comes under the Health Ministry of India. Hemp seed and hemp seed products were recognized by the FSSAI body on 15th November 2021. According to the regulation, for any beverage consisting of hemp content its THC level should not be above 0.2% mg/kg and for CBD levels 75 mg/kg is the benchmark. In food products, hemp seeds from plants should be having less than 0.3% THC level then only it is permissible. 

What is the benefit of taking hemp?

Is hemp good for weight loss? Is hemp good for your skin? Is hemp good for fatty liver? Is hemp good for stress? Can hemp help with mental health? 

So many questions like these are out there concerning people. Health is important to everyone and people become cautious about their body problems. Hemp has organic components which help in reducing stress and pain if any. In the early stages of any brain, heart, or kidney disease the hemp medication is worth using. Omega-3 and Omega-6 and the fatty acids are the main components used which help heal the disease. 

Do you know the nutritional value of hemp products? Let me guess,I don’t think you are aware so let me discuss it with one example. For instance, consider that you are intaking hemp seeds into your diet. So overall the protein that you receive is 166 cals, 14.6gm of fat, 1.5mg of sodium, 2.6 grams of carbs, 1.2 grams of fibre and 9.48 gms of protein. So much nutrition in one product that cures so many diseases too.

India Hemp Benefits –

All your questions related to stress and skin are answered here as there are potential therapeutic benefits of hemp products. We will discuss the health benefits of hemp products which are as follows:

  1. The hemp seeds are incredibly nutritious. 
  2. It can reduce the symptoms of heart disease.
  3. Benefits skin disorders
  4. Works best on PMS (premenstrual syndrome) and Menopause 
  5. Solves digestion issues
  6. Stress management qualities 
  7. Reduces Muscle pain

At Uttarakhand Hemp, we also provide CBD Wellness oil such as Full Spectrum Cannabis Extract Oil that gives relief from stress, illness treatment, and pain management, along with that it also has Youth Elixir, Brain Eraser, Women Wellness, etc in this category.  

How is hemp a sustainable crop? 

Hemp also serves as an environment-friendly product that makes the environment more suitable for cultivation. It acts as a purifier where all the carbon dioxide exhaled in the air is cleared by it. Hemp plant assures that the air we breathe is free from carbon dioxide making it a more suitable place to live in. Almost 1.53 tonnes of carbon dioxide is removed by hemp and thus plays an effective eliminator of CO2 than trees. Inshort, it reduces carbon emissions. 

Hemp cultivation is favourable for farmers too as it grows fast within 4 months and does not create trouble for annual rotation. Due to the inbuilt nutrients present inside the plant, it makes the soil to regenerate. It simply means no add-on expenses for fertilizers to aid the fertility of the soil. In addition to this, it also helps to restore damaged soil and strengthen the soil as the hemp roots have the capability of growing up to 9 feet which make it possible to happen.

The Environmental benefits of hemp products

In addition to that it has environmental benefits too. Hemp fabrics are the trendsetters now as the fashion industry is also using it as raw material for making clothes, then it can also be used as a renewable biofuel, hemp fibre and other use could be as Bioplastic. There are many effective and eco-friendly uses of hemp.   

When should I take hemp?

The grand rule everyone should follow is that hemp products should not be taken without a doctor’s prescription. If symptoms of heart, brain, or kidney diseases are seen then the use of hemp products might help you overcome it faster. Hemp also works on women’s illness and pain management where any muscle pain or any major surgery you have gone through. 

What is the most profitable product from hemp? 

 Hemp is a versatile crop used for various products, including food, fuel, fibre, and CBD oil. But the most profitable product from hemp is CBD; which is widely used by the youth and by those who are health cautious. CBD benefits health and leaves a long time effect on the body.  Root causes of pain, anxiety, and inflammation are cured by the use of CBD oil. This CBD comes in the form of tablets, powders, oil, chewable, protein bars, chocolates, etc.  

What are the side effects of hemp protein?

Both hemp protein powder and hemp seeds are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These essential fatty acids help to maintain good cardiovascular health. They protect the heart, help to maintain lean body mass, and maintain brain function. Since hemp protein contains relatively high amounts of fiber, some people may experience gas, bloating, or diarrhoea if they consume too much too quickly. Additionally, those with allergies to hemp should avoid hemp protein powder


How much hemp protein per day?

A standard serving of hemp seeds or hemp protein powder is about 3 tablespoons or 30 grams. The dosage of hemp protein should be advised by either a doctor, trainer, or dietician. A typical serving of hemp protein powder is 30 grams, with about 15 grams of protein. Most people use one serving per day but some take as many as four servings per day, depending on their training level and the protein content of the rest of their diet.

Uttarakhand Hemp is a one-stop shop for all types of hemp products. Uttarakhand is the first state in India to produce hemp products, which are organic and grown naturally. They are produced in the rich Himalayas chemical free. You’ll get to see the hemp products from cosmetics, for diet use, and kitchen spices we use daily. Cosmetic combos for men and women are also good gifts for those who are fond of skincare and use natural and organic products. Get these Hemp products online in India, by visiting the website. Uttarakhand Hemp delivers their products pan India and the products are also cost-effective.   

How to choose the right hemp products in India?

It is always advisable to buy products based on your preference of choice. However, you must be aware of the various factors that may help you to buy the best hemp product in India. For instance, if you are choosing CBD oil. Following things should be taken into consideration while buying it.

  1. Make sure you are aware of all the CBD products available in the market. Specify what purpose you are in need of like for skin or pain and then decide.
  2. Based on your lifestyle, make the decision as some may require it as cosmetic, some may use it on the go as a capsule while some may take it as a daily routine in the morning or evening like an oil.
  1. Choose from the proper CBD extract and based on that check at what concentration you can make use of it. 
  1. The most important thing to make your decision concrete is the level of THC present in that particular product. Through lab reports or third-party lab reports, you can testify whether the claim is significantly evident with the certificate of analysis that specifies it.

Now that you are aware of the decision-making while buying hemp products, the question arises from where to buy and what to buy. 

Buy Hemp Products India- Uttarakhand Hemp

Hemp products in India are grown in the Himalayan ranges in the purest form. The consumption of these hemp products should be limited and prescribed by your doctor. There are so many hemp product manufacturers in India but only some of those are trustworthy. Because these products are grown in the Himalayas particularly, the demand for them in India is more than in any other country. 

Let me suggest you the best hemp products such as hemp fibre, hemp seed oil, hemp seed hair oil, hemp protein, hemp hearts, etc. All these products are available at a reasonable rate at Uttarakhand Hemp. It delivers the best hemp products in India. Search hemp products India online and buy the products from the best website where you will be facilitated with not just hemp products but also organic certified products.



  • How is hemp different from marijuana?

People often confuse Hemp and Marijuana; where the use of marijuana components are used in a very small matter. Marijuana has more than 0.3% of THC level whereas hemp has less than 0.3%. The level of THC is a deciding factor whether it is considered hemp or marijuana. 

  1. What is hemp made of?

Hemp comes from the family of Cannabis Sativa plants. It is an environmental plant that is for the human good. Hemp is cultivated for use in the production of a wide range of products including nutritional supplements, foods and beverages, personal care products, fabrics and textiles, paper, construction materials, and some other manufactured and industrial goods.

  1. Is hemp a Superfood?

Hemp indeed is a superfood; the number of rich nutrients like proteins and vitamins it contains gives it popularity for a lifetime. Hemp is also rich in minerals like potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium. It is heavily used by health-conscious people to stay fit and healthy. Hemp is super safe if you use it in a limited form. Excessive use of it can harm the body, instead of healing it. 

  1. Which country grows the best hemp?

China is the largest producer of hemp. The country is considered the birthplace of hemp products. It is the largest producer and also exporter of hemp all over the world. A large amount of their annual income comes from hemp farming and selling. 

  • What regulatory agencies oversee the production and sale of hemp products in India?

FSSAI (Food Safety and Standard Authority of India) is the regulatory agency to look over hemp products regulation in India.

  • How can hemp products be used to treat specific health conditions?

Each hemp product has therapeutic potential to cure particular diseases. For instance, CBD oil has the potential to manage stress and pain. Similarly, its other products are beneficial for health conditions.