High blood pressure symptoms for women

Let’s cure High blood pressure symptoms for women

High blood pressure symptoms for women 

In India, one in four adults has high blood pressure which has become a severe concern including growing symptoms for women. The problem of high blood pressure symptoms seems to be increasing at a fast pace. Women diagnosed with high blood pressure showing symptoms of it have become alarming.

This is where Uttarakhand Hemp tries to solve your major concern by providing a solution to your high blood pressure symptoms for women as it is becoming a major cause of premature deaths. So, if you or your family is suffering from hypertensive or hypertension then it becomes more important to keep a record of your blood pressure. 

Here is the article, where we would provide you with the best answers on how to deal with it and prevent it. But before that, let us know what high blood pressure means and its symptoms for women.

What is high blood pressure symptoms?

Firstly, let us get familiar with the term “blood pressure”. When the bloodstream is forced against the lining of arteries present inside, it is called blood pressure. 

High blood pressure occurs when this force increases, making the chances of damaging blood vessels, the heart, the brain, and other organs. It is often considered that the risk of high blood pressure is more in men than females but it’s all about how you maintain your body through a healthy diet and regular health check-ups.

The normal condition for blood pressure is 120/80 mm Hg whereas hypertension reading is 130-139/80-89 mm Hg. In this too, if the condition of a person continues to range consistently as 140/90 mm Hg then it becomes very risky to control, and it’s worrisome. 

This is the time when you should consult a doctor immediately as the constant readings of hypertension are not very good. The doctor would prescribe some medications, and make some changes to your daily routine from diet to regular exercise. If the readings are high indicating High blood pressure symptoms it means you might experience signs of damage such as chest pain, back pain, weakness, difficulty in speaking, etc.

What causes high blood pressure?

As time passes, high blood pressure tends to develop with age. There could be reasons like an unhealthy lifestyle choice, then improper eating habits, and no proper physical activity. Mostly high blood pressure symptoms could be seen in people with obesity and diabetes. 

Diabetic women show symptoms of high blood pressure making it difficult to deal with day-to-day life. Inshort, it’s all about maintaining yourself for a healthy life. Moreover, high blood pressure symptoms could also be seen in a pregnant woman. During pregnancy also it becomes a high risk to deal with.

Symptoms of High Blood Pressure 

High blood pressure is not meant to show symptoms every time. There are chances that you must be having high blood pressure but you might be unaware of it. This is why it is also called a silent killer or silent condition.  

During high blood pressure following might be the symptoms a person would have:

  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Kidney disease
  • Thyroid
  • Alcohol
  • Diabetic
  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • Stress
  • Insomnia

Similarly, in addition to these symptoms, high blood pressure symptoms for women would include pregnancy, menopause, and when they keep using birth control pills. 

What happens during pregnancy is due to high blood pressure symptoms in women it clearly shows the sign of preeclampsia which is as dangerous as a heart attack. This condition leads to headaches, vision problems, and abdominal pain which is a problem for the fetus as well as the mother.

Now that you know its causes, let us know about the remedy too to solve the problem of high blood pressure symptoms in women and as a whole.

Treatment of High Blood Pressure

  • Exercise is a must! You must dedicate at least 30 minutes a day for your body to exercise.
  • If you are smoking, stop smoking immediately as it will be harmful to the body and a pregnant woman.
  • Eat a healthy diet by minimizing salt usage in your daily diet. Experts recommend that limiting salt intake by 5-6 grams could improve cardiovascular health.
  • Try to manage your weight by following a proper diet.
  • Managing stress has become a huge task for everyone in day-to-day life. Life has become so hectic that nobody bothers to pay attention to reduce their stress.

To attain all these remedies, we at Uttarakhand Hemp provide the best products for your cure. Healing solution like never before! You must be curious to know, so without wasting much of your time let us know what are the solutions for your high blood pressure symptoms for women and overall.

At Uttarkhan Hemp, we provide products based on CBD oil which is very effective for depression and anxiety that a high blood pressure patient must be suffering from. Other than that, improper sleep is also one of the causes that high blood pressure symptoms indicate so this oil can cure it all. For heart health problems, it serves as a great healer. In total, CBD oil is extracted to give you relief from stress and pain management which is highly seen in high blood pressure patients. 

Lastly, we have hemp seed oil that contributes to keeping your heart healthy, it gives the best result we can assure you that. Through hemp seed oil many heart-related problems could be tackled. The hemp seed oil is used to cure problems like cholesterol, atherosclerosis, and high blood pressure which is surely what you must be looking for. 

So what are you waiting for? If you care for your family, share this information with them, to make them tension free from high blood pressure issues.

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