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To have smooth and healthy skin 

use- Hemp skin care products 

How do we look? What do we wear? How we represent ourselves is very important. Not only for women and men are also aware of their skin. And as time is passing men are also doing makeup and skincare. Actors or social media influencers apply makeup daily. It affects the skin and for that having a strong skincare routine is necessary. 

    If not, normal people also need to work on their skin, as hemp skin care products will only help glow and grow your skin naturally. We have the habit of checking whether the product is chemical free or not. At Uttarakhand hemp, we only produce hemp organic products, which we have skincare products, wellness products, and spices we use in the kitchen. Daily use of hemp skin care products in your skincare routine, will show you the positive effect. 

What are hemp cosmetic products? Hemp gift set body soap

Hemp skincare products or cosmetic products are normal body/skin products that we use daily. But the major difference will be, that these products are made purely by using natural ingredients. Hemp is a medicinal plant that has all the good & natural properties to work on our skin. Hemp products are upper-level natural and organic products. 

    Uttarakhand Hemp mainly aims at hemp farming and ultimately produces hemp products. If you see our products, from the name itself you’ll understand the organic properties of it. Being organic products these products won’t show any reactions or allergies to you. Our products are all safe and sound to use.  

Hemp Beauty: Organic cosmetic product

We follow well-known brands and often shop from them assuming that the products will be outstanding and do magic on our skin. But the truth is, we don’t research about it or read the contents in them. Blindly trusting the ad we buy the products and eventually regret buying them. Sometimes we get allergic to the product or some of us don’t even realize the product is harming the body. 

Hemp beauty products, on the other hand, are produced using organic products. Hemp skincare products are legal and allowed in India as it does not contain any drug in them. The products you’ll see on the Uttarakhand Hemp website, are hemp soaps, shampoo bars, lip balms, hand creams, face creams, face scrubs, body oil, and also gift hampers for men and women.  

Hemp skin care products 

Hemp flower or hemp seed is extracted from the hemp plant and then they are added to the products. That’s why we can guarantee you the purity and richness of the product. These products are grown in the rich parts of the Himalayas. The plants are grown in the natural sunlight and natural environment without any chemical fertilizers. 

Natural products like Amla, Apricot, Cedar, Forest honey, Ginger lily, Lemon, Mint, Nettle leaves, Lavender, and lemongrass. These raw products are used to make skincare products or beauty products so far. Hemp skincare products have all the properties like omega-3,omega-6, and omega-9 to repair your skin and make it smooth & hydrated. The fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and antioxidants in hemp cosmetics benefits all skin types.

Hemp beauty products or skincare products are not that costly but are highly recommended by regular users. People are widely inclined towards the use of organic products; be it because of social media influencers or an understanding of the goodness of the products.

Hemp products in India   

We feel grateful to have a large user base. We at Uttarakhand Hemp aim at promoting hemp farming and producing hemp products. The hemp skincare products are available on our official website. To check out that you have to check our website. Many products like, assorted hand soaps, shampoo bars, lip balms, and day-night creams are available in various flavors. Product combos are available. We have the assurity that you are going to love our products. 

Try our products, if you love your skin and body. We nourish our bodies by consuming home-cooked and natural food; just like that the nourishment of our skin can be done by using natural and organic products. The properties like Omega-3,6,9 present in hemp products make your skin healthy. We care about the environment and people too. Using hemp products we are solving two problems. Hemp farming saves and upholds the soil value,  and increases soil fertility. On the other hand, chemical skincare products led to many major diseases or else damage the skin; by using hemp cosmetics we are only doing good to our skin.

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