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Organic Seasoning Powders for your kitchen use!  

In India, we all love to use spices & seasonings in most dishes. It makes every dish unique and tasteful. The spices are used during cooking food, and seasonings are used as the toppings to our dishes. The perfect amount of spices gives the mouth-licking taste & flavor; and organic seasonings/ spices give the taste without harming your body in any way, as it doesn’t contain any chemicals. There are so many seasoning companies in India. But ours is the fastest growing of all. We at, Uttarakhand hemp focus on hemp farming & hemp products. As the world is facing enough population & usage of chemical products; we are trying to spread awareness about herbal products which are grown in the most natural ways and in rich areas of the country.  

          You can get, all the Italian seasonings and day-to-day use spices online at our website. The products are in powdered form and are available at reasonable rates.

Why organic food seasoning?

  • The organic seasoning powder gives the perfect aroma and taste to your food 
  • The powdered form makes it easier to use in recipes
  • Natural ingredients present in these organic seasonings not only give you the taste but are beneficial for your health too
  • Seasoning products provide relief from allergies and prevent asthma and many respiratory issues

Types of seasonings we provide:


  •  Chilli Flakes- The most famous seasoning that we use mostly in Italian dishes (pizza, pasta). Now what is different in these “Himalayan Chilli Flakes”; so in making of these, we have used home-grown chilies & then sun dried them. The whole process is natural and in an organic way which took place in the Himalayas, that’s why they are known as “Himalayan Chilli Flakes”.

  Do you know? – Chilies contain seven times more vitamin C than Oranges!


  • Himalayan Haldi- After being in the ground for one and half years Turmeric gets harvested. It takes more than 3 days for the cleaning process & then the best product is finalized. The Haldi we use is in powder form. Any Indian recipe is incomplete without Turmeric powder in it. This multi-purpose Haldi is made with natural ingredients which help you in improving your health. 

  • Himalayan Herb salt- This Himalayan Herb salt is way different from any normal salt, as it is mixed with many herbs like Himalayan rock salt, Chive, Oregano, Thyme, and Rosemary. Salt is essential to maintain our body’s Iodine level. We are presenting the Crystal salt of the Himalayas which is popular for its purity and healthy structure. 

     Who likes to eat bland food?; when you can have Herb salt which is organic, healthy, nutritious, and tasty?


  • Himalayan Nettle Seasoning- Nettle seasoning is in medical use for many years. Nowadays it is used for garnishing dishes, it also adds some extra flavor. The nettle flavor resembles a spinach flavor. We can say that nettle leaves are an upgraded version of Tulsi. 

  • Kala jeera (caraway seeds)- Kala jeera is used in making many food items from Dal-khichadi to bread, salads, etc. It helps in digestion and is good for the heart. Instead of this, it has an n-number of uses. Kala jeera is used in every Indian Kitchen to temper your dishes.

  • Spicy Italian Mix- Our spicy Italian mix is a unique combo of Himalayan oregano, chili, and thyme. You get a seasoning that contains 3 different herbs and makes a great Italian mix. This seasoning is best to use in pizzas & pasta. You don’t have to use various spices, but this one spice mix is sufficient to use in your Italian dishes. 

  • Organic Seasoning Combo- Lastly we have an organic combo, in which we have our 3 best sellers- Nettle Seasoning, Italian mix & Herb Salt. If this seasoning combo is in your kitchen closet, then without worrying you can cook a superior dish out of it. The more presentable your dish looks, the more delicious it becomes.


Conclusion: The quality and guarantee of products are what you’ll get, by ordering the seasonings and spices from us. The ordering method is very easy and you can do it with a click, by sitting at home. Seasoning packets are well-packed and designed. You’ll understand the purity and originality of the product while using it. These Himalayan Seasoning products have various healthy properties. Good taste & health goes hand in hand.