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What is Infusion? 

       The infusion is in the powdered form. Infusion can be used by normal people also, to take precaution for our body and maintain it; and for those people who can’t take medicines directly.        For patients, the infusion can be taken directly from blood, mixed in the water, or mixed with water.  

What are infusions made up of?

         The infusion is made up of herbs, fresh fruit, leaves, spices, dried & certain drugs that are prescribed by the doctor. Infusions can be added to water, oil, or alcohol. The infusions we produce at Uttarakhand Hemp are natural infusions, using Himalayan herbs, spices, and seasonings. 

Infusion Examples– 

Tea is the most common and famous example of an infusion; where we add tea leaves/ powder to the water adding sugar and ginger as natural ingredients. Moroccan tea or herbal teas are great examples, as lemon, chamomile, senna, apple, ginger, rooibos, and many medical infusions (plants/ herbs) are added to the tea. Instead of using black tea, you can always go for an ayurvedic tea powder.

Flavored oils, which is again a natural infusion we can use as a massage oil, or for kitchen use. The herbs or any products which are used are in their pure form and have medicinal use. 

Sunflower and olive oil we use for the kitchen are infusions. Then, the massage/hair oil with the dried flowers and fruits in it are the infusions. 

           Those who want to have a better lifestyle with a good diet, and do all this by exercising, having healthy food, and protein intake. Natural infusions overcome problems like dehydration, diarrhea, diet issues, asthma, immunity, and any allergies you have. These natural infusions also treat diseases like cardiac arrests, heart attacks, blood dysfunction, diabetes, migraine, poisoning, etc.  


Uttarakhand Hemp has these products not only in their purest and natural form but these products are made from all the herbs and spices which are grown in the Himalayas. These Himalayan infusions are herbal and treat your body in very natural and subtle ways. Having no side effects these infusion solutions are a great choice for treating a variety of diseases. 

Our Products: Our products have Spices, Powder form infusions, Honey, and oils. These 4 types of infusions you will see on our website. We have Tulsi, Peppermint, Nettle leaves, 

Spice, Lemongrass, Chamomile, and Spa combo. 

           You can see a total of 25 products on our site, the ingredients and the direction to use are all mentioned on the package 

The cost of the product is reasonable and has a good rating. We deliver our products all over India. The motive we are serving is to motivateom us, is you get pure and natural products from the Himalayas, grown in a rich & chemical- people to do hemp farming and use herbal products only. The benefit of getting p[roducts frfree environment. We guarantee you the quality of the products. Himalayan Infusions help you to boost your immune system. 

                Herbal infusions are caffeine-free and can provide a variety of health advantages depending on the components utilized. The infusions are prepared similarly to tea, however, they taste better without milk, while adding Ayurvedic sugar (GurShakker) or Khandsari can improve the flavour. Our herbal infusions are produced from plants that have been wild collected or farmed.