Uttarakhand Hemp is working on the sole agenda of promoting hemp farming as a sustainable source of income for hill farmers. This will help reverse Social migration and have a positive impact on the environment by bringing barren lands under cultivation

Growing hemp as nature designed it is vital to our urgent need to reduce greenhouse gases and ensure the survival of our planet.

– Jack Herer


Empowering Farmers

The process of empowerment begins with educating the farmers about the miracle plant and providing them with detailed information on cultivation, harvest, and marketing their products by increasing their yield.

Grow and Harvest

We help farmers and manufactures by providing them with the best quality of seeds and by informing them about the best cultivation habitat, its harvest, and end processing of the plant with minimum wastage.

Industrial Hemp Global Market

Bringing the market to the farmer’s doorstep by providing a single roof to sell and buy processed products like Hemp fiber, CBD oil, etc., and make them reach out to domestic and international markets.


UK hemp has the largest land bank with regular supply of labor and machinery for large scale Ihemp farming projects.

The company is working on the sole agenda of promoting Ihemp farming as a sustainable source of income for hill farmers. This will help reverse Social migration and have a positive impact on the environment by bringing barren lands under cultivation. Considering industrial hemp is a multi-beneficial crop and all the parts of the crop come with a utility. It has 30,000 products in the world market currently being sold. A farmer-friendly approach towards ihemp cultivation will impact the lives of small landholders immensely



Engaged in promoting organic and natural farming practices and allied activities. Helping small scale farmers with support in all activities related to the growth and marketing of their produce of various indigenous cereals, pulses and spices directly to the consumer groups.
This helps to promote local and indigenous varieties and encourages natural and organic farming as a dependable source of income. This will help to reverse the social migration from the hills and positively impact the environment by bringing back barren hill land under sustained agricultural activities.


This has been established with the sole purpose of benefitting two sections of our society I.e The farmers/producer groups and the end-user i.e Consumer/beneficiaries. 
This has been done by integrating the groups into a transparent and accountable supply chain
The integration of below poverty line women in allied activities such as collection and sales of produce empowers them with additional income coming from the compensation earned for each individual efforts in the form of daily wages and product sales through them.



    Nupur Sharma

    Nupur Sharma


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    Pranav Sharma


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    Kirti Kuwarbi Sharma


    Belonging to the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, she quit her job in the USA and came back to her homeland to start this initiative and support the Women and Farmers of Uttarakhand. Kirti is Ex Ogilvy from the Advertising world and now is the  Mother of three beautiful kids.

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    Buying hemp products in India became easy

    Have you ever thought of adding Ayurvedic formulations for well-being and mental wellness? Hemp can help to strengthen wellness and nourishment. Now hemp is legal in India to a certain extent. The demand for hemp products in India is rising. Uttarakhand hemp is the solution to this increasing demand for hemp products. Now you can buy hemp products in India through Uttarakhand hemp. 

    Uttarakhand hemp has a variety of collections of Indian hemp products. Let’s take a look at what products can be made with hemp.

    Hemp can be used to make products that are used in daily life, products made by hemp include hemp hearts, hemp oil, hemp face wash, hemp soap, protein powder, and many other products. 

    How can I buy hemp products in India?

    Uttarakhand hemp is the solution to your answer. Now you can easily buy hemp products in India by visiting our site www.uttarakhandhemp.com and placing your order choosing from a variety of hemp products from the list. 

    How can I place an order for hemp products?

    You can easily place orders within minutes through Uttarakhand hemp by following these simple steps 

    •  Visit our website www.uttarakhandhemp.com
    • Go to the section named Hempowered on the top of the screen 
    • Choose the product you want to buy and add the product to your cart, the total worth should be more than or equal to 990 
    • Visit your cart section and proceed to checkout by filling out your details.

    With these easy steps, you can buy hemp products online in India. 

    Hemp products available in India 

    Hemp products are suitable for all ages starting from children to old aged people. And let us tell you that hemp products are now marked as safe for consumption by the government. There are a variety of hemp products available at Uttarakhand hemp some are shown below: 

    1. Hemp protein 
    hemp products India

    It’s time to see off whey! Hemp protein comes entirely from plants. This protein powder comes with the inclusion of 20 amino acids, 9 of which are essential ones. 

    1. Hemp soap for men
    hemp soap for men

    Tired of using all beauty bars and deodorant soaps? We at Uttarakhand hemp have hemp hand-made soaps. Hand-made soaps help in keeping your skin soft and smooth all day long.

    1. Hemp face and body oil for men
    hemp face and body oil for men

    This hemp seed face and body oil for men has 9 essential oils which help in nourishing the skin. This oil also helps in skin cell repair.

    1. Hemp immunity booster 

    Hemp immunity booster consists of 3 products altogether which are Himalayan wild Honey, Nettle tulsi, and Himalayan Haldi. These products work in boosting immunity.

    These are some of the products available at Uttarakhand hemp. There is also a basket available that includes various products in a single basket. You can visit our website to purchase a wider range of hemp products online. A wider range of products is made by the use of hemp seeds.

    Can I buy hemp seeds in India?

    Hemp seeds are available in Uttarakhand hemp to buy, visit our site and get hemp seeds delivered. Hemp seeds have various, nutrients vitamins, and essential oils to nourish your well-being.  

    There is also a question on the legality of hemp products in India. The question arises are hemp products legal in India?

    The production and sale of cannabis resin and flowers are banned by NDPS, leaving the sale of seeds and leaves permitted. So, hemp products are legal in India and are also safe for consumption.

    Hemp products can help to nourish and treat a wide range of problems. With the help of hemp, you can nurture yourself and enrich your well-being. 

    Know anyone who might benefit from hemp, do share this with them.

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