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Top 10 benefits of CBD oil 

There is this confusion among people, about CBD being legal or illegal. By reading about the 10 benefits of CBD oil, you’ll get a clear idea. In India, CBD is legal in some forms when it is prescribed. Here we will see 10 benefits of CBD Oil, so one can use it for their respective purpose. CBD being a drug reduces various pain, like any body pain, and works for stress management, anxiety, or even period pain. The benefits of CBD on skin and for our body shows great result. They come in various forms like oils, creams, gummies, and tablets. We at Uttarakhand Hemp are providing you with CBD oils.

What is CBD & How it is made?  

      CBD is a compound naturally found in the cannabis plant, which works on various things like pain management, nausea, and anxiety. CBD oil uses the stalks, leaves, and flowers of the hemp plant in its production. These contain a higher concentration of CBD, which is a compound with numerous potential health benefits. 

          CBD oil is the most beneficial and safest for external use. One should use CBD in any form after being prescribed by the doctor. It doesn’t show side effects if used in a proper manner, but excessive use of it has side effects that can harm your body. 

CBD Oil uses –

  • Relief from chemotherapy side effects
  • Works on various skin problems like acne, itchy skin, psoriasis 
  • Stops addiction and craving for heroin
  • CBD works for depression and anxiety 
  • CBD doses can give you good sleep
  • Works for good health and keeps your mood good
  • Relive unmanageable pain
  • Ease your diabetic pain
  • Good for preventing joint pain
  • Improves heart health

Any CBD side effects? –

  • CBD-derived products are safe and have limited side effects  
  • If per day consumption is high, it may cause damage to your internal body
  • Epilepsy causes – Fatigue

                             Decreased appetite


                             Elevated liver function tests

  • FDA’s research says it

 may injure – Liver injury

                    Damage to male fertility

                    Changes in appetite

                    Drowsiness or sleepiness

                    Irritability or agitation


    There are many surprising benefits of using this CBD it is good for your skin, heart, brain, and mental health, and effective for cancer patients. 

What products you’ll get at Uttarakhand Hemp?

    You’ll get 4 types of pure Cannabis extracted CBD oil for :

  • Pain Management
  • Terminal Illness
  • Women wellness
  • Stress Management

How to use these oils? 

      You can either take these oils by taking a few drops below your tongue, as it directly goes into the system through and shows great results. Or you can place these on the part you are feeling pain. The benefits of CBD oil on the skin are very effective. 

          Also, It is somewhat dangerous to use these oils in food items, try avoiding that. Use all the instructions on the pack before using it. 

Why choose Uttarakhand Hemp?

        Our aim is to promote hemp farming among farmers. Using natural cosmetic products should be in our routine, instead of using chemical products. Natural products are good for your skin and body’s growth. Natural and glowing skin will be the result after using these products. 

        Making society realize and used to hemp products could lead to saving money, profits for farmers, and good results for your body and skin. The products are cost-effective. You’ll get a variety of products from kitchen spices, gift boxes, CBD oils, soaps, face wash, and many more. 

All products are tested in a laboratory and are safe to use. We are delivering our products pan India. Take advantage of these products as they are reasonable and very useful for daily use and also for gifting someone. 

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