10 benefits of organic food

The Top 10 Benefits of Organic Food You Must Know

Do You Want to Know the Top 10 Benefits of Organic Food?

Ready to know the top 10 benefits of organic food to keep you healthier? Organic food has gained popularity since it entered the competitive market. Everyone is cautious about their well-being and has understood the importance of “health is wealth”.  

What is organic food?

It refers to crops that are grown organically without the help of pesticides, fertilizers, or any synthetic materials. It is purely dependent on an organic supply devoid of synthetic growth hormones or antibiotics. Today in the product line, along with vegetables, fruits, and milk you may also find shelves stacked with organic products. 

So to know how organic food is good for health let us dive into the article where you will know the top 10 benefits of organic food.

Top 10 Benefits of Organic Food:

  1. Retains Antioxidants

Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated the benefits of antioxidants for overall health, especially those contained in organic foods. According to recent studies, eating organic foods may support the continued production of dietary antioxidants and mild exposure to heavy metals. Antioxidants present in organic foods have beneficial effects, such as preventing heart disease, cancer, eye issues, early aging, and mental retardation.

  1. Enhances Heart condition

Certain grazing of grasses helps to elevate the levels of CLA ( conjugated linoleic acid )which is found in animal products. This CLA is formed with the process of solar energy which is absorbed by natural vegetation called photosynthesis. A high amount of CLA is found in meat and dairy products as it is a healthy fatty acid that helps to strengthen the protection of the heart and blood vessels. So imagine when CLA is present in your diet what miracles will it create to keep your heart healthy.

  1.  Strenthens Immune System

Out of the top 10 benefits of organic food, one is that it is beneficial for strengthing the immunity system. The goal of conventional or industrial agricultural techniques is to increase production and productivity by whatever means necessary. On the other hand, eating organic food considerably reduces the likelihood of developing a compromised immune system since it never changes. Additionally, the excellent quality and high concentration of vitamins and minerals in organic food support a stronger immune system. At Uttarakhand Hemp, we provide an immune booster that will aid you to strengthen your immune system.

  1.  Better Taste 

If you are looking for quality taste then we can bet that the taste that organic food gives you, no other food can render you that level of taste. You won’t stop licking your bite because it’s tastier than the rest of the conventional food. In organic farming, plants are given more time to develop and mature. Better flavor in organic food items has been attributed to the usage of organic and non-imported agricultural production methods. It’s frequently said that fruits and vegetables cultivated organically have better flavors than those produced conventionally. So why harm your taste buds when you can pick mouth-licking organic food which is backed by healthy constituents?  

  1. Highly Nutritious 

If you are looking for highly nutritious content then this is the right spot for your palate. In today’s time, the taste buds of people have become less acquainted with nutrient products as they are involved in fast food which gives you more chemical-added products compromising your health care. Therefore, it is important to eat organic food which comes from organic farming. Our website Uttarakhand Hemp has a collection of various nutritious products for instance, Himalayan flours, it is also more nutrient-dense than conventional atta, having higher values for nearly all other food categories and more antioxidants. Additionally, organic flour is great for your body’s digestive system which is low in calories and has a great supply of carbs. It is very beneficial for your body. 

  1. Bacterial Resistance

People are prone to a wide range of illnesses and health issues, therefore they frequently need to take preventative steps to keep themselves healthy. When a new type of virus or types of viruses are found, this is proficient by obtaining various vaccinations and antimicrobials. In the same way, Health Benefits Animals used as ingredients in non-organic food sources (particularly cattle and feed) are treated and fed using antibiotics, growth hormones, and animal products. Because of the antibiotics, vaccinations, and growth hormones, people who consume organic food items also take antibiotics, growth hormones, and vaccines that impair their immune systems. As a result, people may be less resistant to disease due to changes in the immune system. The usage of antibiotics is not used during the manufacture of organic foods, which is an advantage.

  1. Eco-Friendly Product

People are prioritizing their health by knowing the top 10 benefits of organic food. Similarly, local farmers are playing a vital role in bringing this change to happen on a wide scale as the demand for organic food is rising at a decent speed. Local farmers grow organic food with little impact on the environment, which promotes healthy living. Since harmful chemicals are prohibited from organic farming, there is little soil, water, or air pollution, ensuring a safe and healthy environment. Accurate organic farming lessens the long-term effects of pollution on soil, water, and air on human health. 

  1. Chemical Free Food

Organic foods are 100% free from chemical usage. To prevent pests and diseases, organic farming does not use any dangerous chemicals. There are various techniques to refrain their crop from getting damaged. Since every habit is natural, the consumer is not harmed by them. As all habits are natural, they do not hurt the customer. Organic farming decreases environmental improvement and chemical use. Insecticides, fertilizers, pesticides, and holistic growth hormones are not permitted on biological farms. As a result, pollutants and potentially hazardous compounds are absent from organic food products. For an overview, let me fetch you with the details that we have a wide variety of organic products ranging from Himalayan flour, Hemp seeds, Himalayan soy, and Immunity booster to Himalayan sugar, honey, and millet which are organically certified products. Do visit our site www.uttarakhandhemp.com to get additional information about organic products.

  1. Free from GMOs

Even though many of us make an effort to eat healthily, it can be disheartening to learn that some of the foods we regularly consume contain genetically modified organisms or GMOs. For instance, corn is one of the foods in the United States that has undergone the most genetic modification, with over 80% of it being at least partially inorganic, according to the Huff Post. Soy, crook-necked zucchini/squash, alfalfa, canola, sugar beets, and milk were also on the list of foods in the United States that were the most genetically modified in 2014. Genetically modified food products tend to shorten the span of products while some are even more dangerous because they cause the risk of cancer. Some GMOs are allergic which is more troublesome while organic foods are free from it.

  1. More sustainable

Usually, local farmers deliver an organic product to you directly. It cuts down on time, money, travel, and packaging. Avoiding fruit and vegetables that have been transported by truck and plane across the globe, we reduce our carbon footprint when we buy locally grown organic food. Additionally, if we purchase directly from the market, we are not funding the supermarket chains. If we purchase directly from the market, we are also not contributing money to the supermarket chains. You don’t have to pay for shipping or packaging because our money goes directly to regional farmers and producers. We will also consume fewer plastic bags which is always a win for sustainability and the environment.

As of now, it might seem difficult to include organic food in your palate but don’t you think it will enrich your overall health wellness with its 10 benefits of organic food. 

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