Vijaya Ambrosia 15ml Full Sprectrum THC RICH OIL 9000mg 1:6


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Vijaya Ambrosia is a THC rich (4:1) ayurvedic medicine which contains a powerful mixture of
cannabis leaf extrract and MCT oil. It consist of anti-infammatory and immunosuppressive
properties, which can be used to relieve chronic neuropathic/inflammatory pain caused in
conditions such as Arthritis.

For pain: CB1 receptors are located in the sensory nerve endings in your skin that detect pain.
They are also located in the areas of your brain such as the amygdala that control how you
feel pain and emotions. By activating CB1 receptors, THC causes a variety of changes in your
nervous system, resulting in a decreased sensation of unbearable pain and reduced mood

A study revealed that administration of Δ9-THC led to a reduction in pain-related behavior in a
complete Freund’s adjuvant (CFA)-induced inflammatory pain model. For nausea and

vomiting. The most stressful symptoms experienced by patients after receiving chemotherapy
are nausea and vomiting. CBI receptors are also found in the dorsal vagal complex of the
brainstem, which is majorly involved in vomiting.

The antiemetic effect of cannabinoids has been confirmed to be mediated by CB1 receptors
and CB2 receptor antagonism has been shown to block the antiemetic action of 2 AG. which
infers CB2 ensures anti-vomiting action as well. For anti-tumor growth: Experimental studies
have shown that the activation of CB receptors by cannabinoids is antitumorigenic in nature in
most cases. It is known to inhibit tumor cell proliferation, Induction of apoptosis in-vitro and
blocks angiogenesis and tumor invasion/metastasis in vivo.

*The ratio is an estimate as per overall results seen till now, can differ batch to batch
Recommended Dosage & Number of drops: Have 12 to 15 drops as one complete dosage at a
time. 30 ml bottle contains 900 drops approx. Hence 60 servings
Cannabis sativa Linn. Of (THC Rich Vijaya Leaf Extract) 30% Cocos nucifera 70%
Available in type:

NOTE: 30ml comes in 2 bottle of 15 ml Each and as follows for easy use.

Weight 100 g


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